EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

This Is Hert

“Ears that write, eyes that sing and songs that seek a truth.”

1. Biography

This Is Hert is a collector. Dice, a guitar, driftwood, ink, paper, … The road to a song is covered with relics. He goes through old boxes labeled with singer-songwriter, improvisation and vocal performance on a daily basis, following the teachings of great collectors such as Damon Albarn, David Bowie and Sufjan Stevens. The collection grows and This Is Hert doesn’t mind sharing.

2. Music and live footage

3. Photos

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4. Contact info

Frederik De Clercq
Singer & producer at This Is Hert

5. Concert calender

Past shows

  • Singer-songwriterconcert @ Hibernia Antwerp – 29.01.2017
  • This Is Hert @ Lemonnier Station Brussels (Entramie) – 23.12.2016
  • Vernissage Entramie @ Dauwens & Beernaert – 15.12.2016
  • Zomerbar @ ‘t Heilaar – 11.09.2016
  • BBQ Tereken @ Sint-Niklaas – 10.09.2016
  • This Is Hert @ De Zomertuin – 20.08.2016
  • Vuurdoop festival @ Hasselt – 13.05.2016

6. Social links

Here you can find links to the online channels on which you can find This Is Hert.